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5 Uses For Life Insurance Benefits

By on Apr 30, 2018 in Life and Health |

Life insurance allows you to secure a financial future for your loved ones after you die, so it’s essential to make sure that you have a plan in place. The money not only helps to pay for your funeral, it can provide your family with inheritance funds and more. Some additional uses for your life insurance benefits are as follows. Funeral costs and final costs Life...

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5 health care predictions for the rest of 2018

By on Apr 27, 2018 in Life and Health, Uncategorized |

In a recent New York Times interview, President Trump was quoted as saying the following regarding health plans: “So now I have associations, I have private insurance companies coming and will sell private health care plans to people through associations. That’s gonna be millions and millions of people. People have no idea how big that is. And by the way, and for...

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For a Better Night’s Sleep, Do This

By on Mar 31, 2018 in Life and Health |

Did you get at least seven hours of top quality sleep last night? If your response is no, you’re not alone. According to one nationwide survey, 30 percent of folks polled get 6 hrs or less of sleep. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently announced that a lack of sleep is a public health concern. This is because a lack of sleep increases...

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Carefully Designate Life Insurance Beneficiaries to Avoid Challenges

By on Mar 27, 2018 in Life and Health |

Many people get life insurance. And one of the biggest mistakes they make is in picking beneficiaries. You are free to name nearly any person as your beneficiary. For most individuals, it’s usually a close family member. Nevertheless, you could select any type of competent person and even an entity, such as a charity. Beneficiary designations can be made by naming...

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Tips on How to Save on Life Insurance Premiums

By on Mar 14, 2018 in Life and Health |

Estimating Insurance Coverage Requirements No matter whether you’re single or wedded, you’ll have to find out your expenditures, and also prepare for the future. If you have dependents, you must get adequate insurance to change the revenue you currently generate for them, as well as compensate for any type of extra expenses they may sustain to replace the services...

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Carrying Enough Life Insurance?

By on Jan 17, 2018 in Life and Health |

The success of a financial plan may rest on selecting the right life insurance policy. The best-laid plans can be shattered by the unexpected. If a spouse passes away, or both parents perish, the financial fallout can be significant. Perhaps due to its nature, life insurance is a topic many attempt to steer clear of when creating a financial plan. Beyond that, most...

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